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Web Based Solutions
A corporate web site for Ansal Properties and Industries Limited - India's leading real estate developers and builders.
The site presents the corporate image of Ansal Group and provides details on their various residential and commercial property projects, including site plan, payment options and updates on the current stage of construction
Web site for Ansal Institute of Technology, an educational institution imparting technical and vocational training in the field of computer education.
  This web site has been developed for a firm of advocates and solicitors. A back office software running at the office of the law firm tracks all cases for various clients, date of next hearing, list pf pending tasks and accounting information. A data extraction routine extracts a part of the database, which is uploaded to the web site daily. Using a pre-assigned user name and password, clients of this law firm can access the web site for information relating to the progress of their various cases, pending tasks and date of next hearing. The site has been developed using HTML, ASP and MS-Access while the back office software using Visual Basic and MS-Access.
  Worldlink Inc.
Web based database interface for a leading freight and forwarding agency based in New Jersey with offices all over the world. The web interface provides the customers, agents and associates of Worldlink the ability to book a shipment, create a bill of lading and to enquire about the status of a shipment online
  RedEagle Shipping Agencies
Internet tracking program for a New Delhi based freight and forwarding agency. Data is extracted from a back office software custom developed for this client and uploaded to the web site daily. The customer can track the status of his shipments online using the web interface
  Graphics Apparel
A database driven "extranet" for a New York based garment buying house. The site provides for online input of purchase orders which can then be monitored and updated by the vendors as well as the customers.
  Data Access (India) limited (NOW ISP)
  A HTML version of the process manual, design and developed for the client provides a quick and easy reference to all users over the LAN. The e-manual provides details on each process, presents the relevant flowcharts and provides the required input and output formats and reports.
  Nokia (India) Limited
Café Expressia
  Design of logos, icons and banners for "Café Expressia", the Intranet maintained by the for HR department of the company.