It is a jargon infested world out there. Often the client gets confused by all the loaded infotech terminology which are on offer. This leads on to matches which are less than perfect fits. We take the other way round. We simplify the client's requirement, arrive at the correct parameters and thereby emerges a solution, suitably tailored and perfectly executed. We of course embellish the project using our imagination, giving it flight and simplicity.

Have you ever seen a bird take flight? It is so simple, yet a complex bit of aero dynamics. That is what technology means to us. Imagination. Flight. Simplicity.

 Elegant.....and Effective.

Technology tailored 
to your needs

When it comes to technology, there is no one size that fits all. Your information needs need to be tailored to give you the best fit. Only then will information technology be harnessed to work in real life situations, to provide solutions that make business processes efficient so that your business scores over the competition. You might be a realtor, retailer, healthcare specialist or a hotelier. We at Delta recognize the intricacies of different businesses. Things are complex and can be simplified. That is what we vouch for.

It is a wired world

Business today is no longer confined by Geography. As a matter of fact, if your business is not on the net, chances are it will soon be history. As web sites get more interactive to deliver content, services and commodities; and as technology makes it all possible, your customers and your competition, are no longer confined by geographical boundaries. It is a big, bad world out there - but it also is a world full of opportunities. And the only way these opportunities can be translated to profit is by deploying technology to reach out to your customers, faster than your competition can.
Delta Software helps you do just that. Harness state of the art technology so that it can translate into profits. All this while you concentrate on you core area of business and leave the technology bit to us. So, whether you are planning a web site to show case your products, thinking in terms of building an electronic store front, or wanting to build  a portal or an online community, we have all the experience and the expertise to make it happen for you.

Digital Money made easy

Money is no more plastic. It is digital. Within seconds millions are transferred from one part to the other part of the globe. Many small transactions and big, together constitute the money you spend and the money you earn. Costs are incurred to earn profits, for the business to run smoothly, over time. E-commerce is the order of the day since there are no boundaries in the virtual world. With the lines fast disappearing between point of produce and the point of purchase, e-commerce from being just a buzzword has turned into a living reality. All businesses can earn in a digital world and the sooner they make the shift the better it is for them. Often the delay in making the shift is that technology intimidates and many businesses take time in making that very crucial decision. We at Delta will help in removing that fear factor and provide you with the correct e-commerce solutions.

Network, communicate or perish

In the wired world information on tap is the key. Databases are shared across countries and continents. Information needs to be exchanged and updated in real-time. Hardware and software are now integrated together to provide solutions which not only work today but offer the required scalability as the organization grows and as information needs change.
Delta Software offers system integration services. Whether you wish to network a few PCs within your office, or communicate with and share your data over a wide area network, whether you are looking for Internet access, setting up an Intranet or creating an extranet, we do it for you so that it all fits seamlessly together, just as pieces fit in a jig saw puzzle to give you the complete picture